April Showers... And preventing water damage in the home

The saying, "April Showers, bring May Flowers" is a happy welcome to Spring ... but April showers can also bring water damage to a home that has not been properly maintained.

As a home inspector, I find that water damage is often caused by issues with the gutter system. This can be easily avoided. Here are a few tips on how to avoid water intrusion with proper maintenance:


Do you have them?

If not you are exposing your roof and eaves to rot and your foundation to erosion and failure. Gutters, downspouts and extensions direct water down and away from these areas.

Are they clean, flowing and free of damage?

The best way to keep your gutter system efficient is to remove leaves and debris in the Fall and Spring. Once the debris is removed, flush the system with a garden hose to ensure there are no blockages further down the system. If the water doesn't flow, you will need to remove the downspouts and clean those as well.

While you are doing this maintenance, check for condition problems, such as holes, cracks, sagging. If any of these problems exist, now is the time to do these necessary repairs.

Do you have enough of them?

Go outside and look up at the roof during a rain storm. Note where the water is running off. Is it being collected by a gutter? If not, a gutter needs to be added to that area. Otherwise the rain will eventually wear a trench around the perimeter of the foundation and water may seep into the basement or crawlspace.

Do your downspouts have extensions?

In most cases, it's not enough to have a standard downspout with no extension. Without an extension, the water pools very close to the foundation. This can be a major problem. An extension will push the water a few feet away from the foundation and helps greatly in the prevention water from entering the foundation walls.

So follow these tips and enjoy a spring free from water damage headaches, and for your next home inspection call HOMEBRIDGE HOME INSPECTION at 419-944-0271 – a trusted Toledo Area Home Inspection Source.

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