"My Dad knows about houses and said he would take a look" -- 4 important reasons why you s

Why should you hire a professional home inspector instead of just having a friend/family member who’s knowledgeable about home construction look at the house?

There are 4 important reasons:

1. Time and Comfort Level

The willingness of a knowledgable friend or family member to look over a house is great, but most don't realize when they volunteer, the time and detail that is involved in a true home inspection. In addition, even though you may be owning the home soon, at the point of an inspection, you are still a guest. There is uncomfortableness about examining every nook and cranny of another person's house and many people feel a certain amount restraint related to that. So ultimately, the house is not inspection as closely as you may have wanted.

A Homebridge home inspection starts with 2-3+ hours of inspecting from the ground up. Every surface and system defined by InterNachi* standards will be observed. We have no problem crawling under the house, going into the attic, climbing onto the roof, testing systems and removing access panels to complete an inspection. We will take notes and photos, then after the inspection spend another 2-3 hours writing a report.

2. Preparation of a Report with Documentation

After the visual inspection, our job is not done. Even though we will walk you through the house and explain what we have found, we also prepare a written report. The report includes our photographic evidence and a written explanation of our findings in an easy to understand format.

3. The Value of Certification

We are a certified member of InterNACHI*, the world's largest inspection trade association. This certification gives authority to our findings. Many real estate agents agree that the findings of a certified home inspector are taken more seriously than the opinions of a non-professional inspector. This is of great value when buyers are negotiating repairs from a seller.

4. Free Re-Inspections As professional home inspectors, we are able to return and re-inspect any work done to correct the deficiencies found in our initial inspection.


* International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

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