January Blog: Is your home inspector working for YOU or your realtor??

We've been noticing some trends lately in the way other home inspection companies develop business. There seems to be a heavy focus on "we give, and maybe we'll get..." offers from inspectors to realtors. While that approach may be lucrative for the inspector, is it in the best interest of the client?

Don't get us wrong -- we LOVE getting referrals from realtors and APPRECIATE every referral they send our way -- but we would like to believe, it's not because we offer them accolades on their social media and websites, but because they can trust us to provide the BEST service possible for their clients.

At Homebridge Home Inspection, we believe a home inspector works for the client. We are being paid by the client and we should provide a thorough and impartial inspection so the client can make an informed decision about purchasing a home. Occasionally, the results of an inspection may be less than favorable. It's certainly not our goal to derail a sale. We just want to make sure if anything major is found, it's reported to the client. It's our responsibility to do so.

But it saying that, realtors can rest assure that WE WON'T make "Mountains out of Molehills" just to make ourselves seem knowledgable. While there rarely is a "perfect" house, many have only minor issues that can be easily fixed or addressed. And even issues that might be considered "major defects" are not necessarily deal breakers. With flexibility, buyers and sellers with the assistance of their realtors, can often work out compromises to address anything found.

So when looking for a home inspector, here's a few tips:

  • Look at the prospective inspection company's social media and website. Are the reviews from clients? Or are they mostly from realtors? Reviews from past client's will probably give you the most accurate picture of the service you'll receive. But be wary of too many reviews -- we suspect there are services out there who provide paid reviews without ever being a client. Be assured - our reviews are authentic.

  • Is the home inspector certified? Some may vaguely suggest they are "professional" or "experienced" but look for some proof they are "certified". Certified inspectors usually have a certification number or link to certification checking sites, such as InterNachi's http://www.inspectorseek.com/

  • Is your inspector local? It does make a difference. A local inspector has pride in their ties to the community and works to maintain their relationships and reputation within those communities. We are 40+ year residents of Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan. We love and care about our community and want to offer you our best.

  • CALL US - We always work in the best interests of our clients! 419-944-0271

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